My CS23 Design Portfolio

Here I provided all my works from the class I took named “CS23.01: AR/VR Design & Development“. This hands-on projects-based course was for designers and developers to learn the core technical, aesthetic, and societal issues surrounding the emerging frontiers of digitally mediated realities. We learned the fundamentals of augmented and virtual reality design and development, while working in interdisciplinary teams, composed of designers and developers. Designers and developers worked collaboratively to explore the possibilities of spatial computing and mediated experiences.

Sprint-1: Portals Everywhere

For this sprint project the task was to use a third-person controller to complete a mission in a custom environment. When the mission is complete the player walks through the portal.

I came up with the low-poly concept and was responsible for modeling and texturing the entire enviornment and items.

Engine: Unity    Platform: Meta Quest 3    Software: Maya

Duration: A Week

Unity Project - "Lab Escape"

Embark on a futuristic thrill ride in "Lab Escape." As the top-tier agent, touchdown on an enigmatic, toxic landscape with a rocket, racing against the clock. Equip the cutting-edge Augmented Metaverse Real Time Reality (AMRR) Headset for unparalleled immersion, deploy a sleek and agile Quantum Security Drone, wield the IoT Quantum Nexus Tablet, and secure the Quantum Teleporter. Will you emerge triumphant in this cutting-edge challenge, or succumb to the toxic unknown? Your destiny awaits.

As the sole creator for this project, I designed the environment, made particle effects, modelled the spaceship and the high-tech tools the player has to collect. I integrated the assets from Maya into Unity and established the physical barriers for collisions.

      Engine: Unity    Platform: Meta Quest 3    

Software: Maya / Substance Painter

Duration: 10 days

Sprint-2: GenEngine

For this sprint project the goal was to create a flexible kit-of-parts generative design engine capable of creating unique sculptures or complex objects or assemblages.

For our sculptures I modeled low-poly Minecraft mobs and created custom textures for them.

Engine: Unity    Platform: Meta Quest 3    Software: Maya

Duration: A Week

XR Project - Medical Simulation

In the past ten years, augmented reality (AR) has become increasingly prominent in the field of healthcare, serving as a valuable resource for data visualization and enriching simulation-based learning experiences. Due to this I aimed to make a medical surgery simulator where the player is a surgeon trying to figure out the problem of the patient.

For this project I modeled and textured each item, created the waiting room, animated the characters in the scene, made the animations of the blood vessel scene, made the UI elements, and added lights to the scene.

      Engine: Unity    Platform: Meta Quest 3    

Software: Maya / Substance Painter

Duration: Two weeks

Know-How Presentation

In this know-how, I shared the features of Unity's latest generative AI technology “Unity Muse” which currently is in early access.

This tool is aimed to accelerate the development of games and real-time 3D applications with a suite of AI-powered features like Muse Chat, Muse Texture, Muse Sprite, and more.

Sprint-3: MR Portal

For this sprint project our goal was to create an AR portal to a VR world which creates the illusion of a portal to another realm, such that when a user advances physically through the portal ( in room scale ) they appear to be in a virtual environment and can see a portal back to the real world.

I was responsible for designing the environment, the portal, and a game mechanism to complete in order to activate the portal.

Engine: Unity    Platform: Meta Quest 3    Software: Maya

Duration: A Week

Final XR Project: IGNIGHT!

"Ignight” is an interactive VR experience where the user can learn more about zodiac constellations in a visually stunning and emotionally soothing environment.

The main goal of this project is to ignight the sky, creating beautiful visualizations of Zodiac constellations and teaching users about them. Through symbolic representations of the constellations and interactable information cards, the experience will be both magnificent and informative.

I was responsible for modelling and texturing the entire observatory, adding and baking the lights in the scene, making a sparkle shader, made posters and edited videos, made the UI etc.

      Engine: Unity    Platform: Meta Quest 3    

Software: Maya / Substance Painter

Duration: 4 Weeks